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luxie crypto app design

Let market volatility pay for your lifestyle

Luxie Pay is a fully integrated payment ecosystem that connects crypto and stock traders to luxury and lifestyle merchants around the world. Making seamless and instant peer to peer digital transactions Luxe Pay gives traders the ability to use crypto and stocks as an alternative form of payment. The algorithms inform traders when to leverage gains at the most opportune times in order to make timely purchases. Why use fiat currencies that depreciate in value when there's a better alternative.




Lead UX / UI Consultant

Where traders and luxury vendors meet.

The Luxie Pay app integrates an exchange, wallet, luxury marketplace, and payment gateway all into one decentralised app. Luxury merchants and brands sell their goods via the Luxie Pay app and can be paid in either crypto stocks and shares or Fiat. Price volatility allows users to leverage their gains to make top line purchases at the perfect time for less.

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